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Fic: The Simple Pleasures in Life series

Title: Perfect Way to Start the Day
Summary: The weather provides Penelope with the rare opportunity to take aim at the other team members.
Pairing: Hotch/Garcia
Rating: FRC
Word Count: 275
Note: Written for crimeland Challenge 17

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Title: Dancing in the Rain
Summary: Aaron Hotchner can't shake the urge to ask Penelope Garcia to dance with him in the rain.
Pairing: Hotch/Garcia
Rating: FRT/Teen
Word Count: 2372

Note: Written for crimeland Challenge 18

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Hotch knows how to party like an 80's clubber

...or at the very least, it sure looks like you could do lines off his back:

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Continuity: Organized Crime is either having him on or have something on for him.

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ETA: Bonus (maybe NSFW?) yong Thomas Gibson drunk and making out with a cute guy at the back of a club in Love & Human Remains 1993:

What I love about Hotch or Gibson is that well, even though I saw him in Dharma & Greg first, ever since I knew him better as Hotch, everything he did before is available as a sauce of "Hotch did what", somehow I could see cameos of his other characters as not "completely different character" but "Hotch, wildly out of character wtf?" Gibson is believable and touching as Hotch and believable and touching as Greg, but somehow it is just easier to crack them up together in a unified character secret history than it is for different characters of other actors I like. For example, Mandy Patinkin, maybe it's the years (and completely different universe), but Inigo Montoya - Jason Gideon - THE SAME GUY gets more "Mind BLOWN" then Greg = Younger and Fluffier Hotch, or so say tumblr and youtube comments. Even MGG's performance as Bart, the submissive in a serial killing pair in How to Be A Serial Killer, doesn't get any "Hey, that's Reid as a serial killer" moment.

Preppies of the Apocalypse writes: "he plays an awful lot of yuppies, sinister or otherwise" Maybe that's it.

ETA2: another scene from Love and Human Remains, feel free to pretend that the long hair guy is Reid m'kay? NSFW