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ssa_hotchner's Journal

SSA Hotchner - Hail to the Unit Chief!
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A community dedicated entirely to Aaron Hotchner of Criminal Minds!

Welcome to ssa_hotchner, a community for all things Hotch. This community is full of fans of the character Aaron Hotchner of the tv show Criminal Minds. If you're a fan, please join and feel free to share fic, fanart, anything!

We don't have a ton of rules here, but please follow the few that we do have. If your post fails to abide by any of these, it will be deleted.

1. Fic is more than welcome, but please post it with the proper introductory information and put your actual story behind an LJ-Cut. If you are unfamiliar with fanfic guidelines, you can review them here.

2. Please tag your entries. Tagging makes it easier for other members to search through past content and keeps the community organized. Review our tags page before posting, and if you have any questions you can contact one of the mods.

3. ALL SPOILERS MUST BE BEHIND A CUT. This is extremely important. No one wants to have an episode ruined by a spoilery post.

4. Please post pictures/graphics under a cut. You may post one pic (not larger than 600px in width) or up to 3 icons above the cut, though.

Your mod is flameturnedblue. Please contact if you have any comments or questions!

~ We'd love for new members to introduce themselves when they join the comm. Simply copy and paste the following, and fill in the blanks - it'll help us get to know you better, and you will be sure to meet other members with similar interests and viewpoints:

Age (optional!):
Favorite thing about Hotch:
Favorite Hotchly episode/scene:
Favorite Hotchly quote:
Do you create fanart or write fic?
Other fandoms/favorite characters:

Let's keep up the community spirit! ~

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Daily pics from Seasons 1 to 5 are courtesy of angy3101. Post Season 5 screen caps are courtesy of dj_capslock.

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